5 Bars in Fairfax, California


A new bar in Fairfax, California, Stillwater offers hazy IPAs, bitter cocktails, and natural wines. The bar's owner is a veteran of the craft cocktail scene in San Francisco. Its prime location is at Mac's at 19 Broadway close to the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay View. It's also open late, making it a good choice for late-night drinks.

Stillwater is a destination bar in downtown Fairfax

Located in downtown Fairfax, California, Stillwater is a destination bar for those who love bitter cocktails, natural wines, and hazy IPAs. The bar also serves brunch and is pet-friendly. The bar is open daily from noon to close. You can walk to nearby Bay View and the Golden Gate Bridge from Stillwater.

Stillwater's storefront windows offer a cozy atmosphere. Inside, you'll find exposed brick walls and wood panels. The owners, who also own the Lolo American Kitchen and Lolito restaurant, emphasize using locally-sourced meats. The bar is also committed to providing a better work environment for employees. Stillwater has a 20% service fee that goes towards the wages of its employees.

The restaurant and bar serves classic and contemporary California dishes. Chef Tony Senehi sources seasonal ingredients from local farms. This restaurant is a favorite among locals and tourists. The restaurant is also home to a wine by the barrel program and a daily specials menu. Currently, the restaurant is closed because of a fire in the kitchen.

Amelie Cafe is a farm-to-table concept

Amelie Café & Wine Bar is the new concept from the Amelie team. The new restaurant is a farm-to-table concept that emphasizes local, organic and sustainable ingredients. The bar will feature a selection of wine and beer and features a menu of farm-fresh dishes.

The concept of the restaurant is inspired by the concept of "consume local." All breads, pastries and sandwiches are made onsite. The farm-to-table menu is created by Chef Brian Starkey, who uses fresh ingredients from local producers and organic farmers whenever possible. The menu also includes an Amelie-style burger, an organic salad bar and grilled vegetables.

Amelie was opened by Samie Didda, a native of Paris. He started his career in the Montmartre district of Paris as a waiter and worked his way up to a corporate position overseeing the Tarte Julie chain. He later opened a second restaurant in the city on the Upper West Side.

The restaurant has won many awards including Bib Gourmands from Michelin Guide. The acclaimed French cuisine is complemented by excellent wine selections. The owners are certified sommeliers and have delved into the production side of winemaking.

Izakaya is a Japanese-style pub

An Izakaya is a Japanese-style bar Fairfax CA where you can drink sake, beer, and other beverages. Izakayas are generally low-key places that do not cater to beer snobs or wine connoisseurs. A typical menu features Japanese pilsner-style draft beer, sake, and shochu. You can also order green tea, oolong tea, and zero-alcohol beer.

If you're planning a date night, an izakaya is not for you. Many people go to an izakaya with friends and family, so it may not be the best place for a quiet date. However, if you're looking for a lively night out, an izakaya might be right for you.

Seating in izakayas is usually available at low tables on the floor, as well as at a bar counter. There are also private rooms or semi-private compartments available if you prefer. However, some izakayas enforce a strict time limit on customers on weekends, usually two hours.

When it comes to food, izakayas usually offer small plates of food that go well with the sake. Most of these dishes are single-serving portions and can be ordered at the same time as drinks. If you're hungry but not full, you can always order grilled rice balls or a few otoshi, which are Japanese-style stewed vegetables or fresh fish.

Mac's at the 19th is a cozy Italian place

If you're looking for a bar Italian place in Stillwater, look no further. Mac's at the 19th is tucked into a historic downtown building. It's also a popular spot for live music. The menu consists of traditional Italian and American fare, and you'll find both seafood and steak dishes. It also features a wide selection of craft beers.