San Diego Belmont Park Things to Do

In Belmont Park San Diego, you will find fun and competitive activities for everyone, whether you’re looking for a family outing or a competitive outing with friends. A historic amusement park in San Diego’s Mission Beach neighborhood, the park boasts carnival rides, arcade games, and attractions like mini-golf, go-karts, food, and even some places to buy adult beverages.

There are a variety of rides and attractions to choose from, including information on where to eat, what to do, tickets, and other important things to know before you go. As a proud annual pass holder and a person who has personal experience with Belmont Park, I’ve put together the following best things to do at Belmont Park San Diego. There is something for everyone here, so don’t worry.


In 1925, sugar magnate John D. Spreckels opened Mission Beach Amusement Center as a family amusement park.

A way of selling real estate was to draw people to the up-and-coming area. The park was popular during the 1950s, fell into disrepair during the 1960s and 1970s, closed in 1976, and reopened as a shopping and entertainment complex in 1988.

The landmark Giant Dipper roller coaster and other improvements contributed to the park’s current status as a tourist and local attraction.

While many rides and attractions temporarily shut down in 2020, most of Belmont Park is now operational. If you’re planning on visiting, be sure to check the calendar first.

Take a ride on the Giant Dipper roller coaster
Ticket booth at Belmont Park with the Giant Dipper roller coaster behind it.
Background shows ticket booth, carousel, and Giant Dipper coaster.

As one of the remaining attractions from the park’s 1925 opening, the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster is the second-oldest roller coaster in the United States and a San Diego icon.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and a National Historic Landmark, this attraction is a must-see.

Views of both the city and the Pacific Ocean are available from the Giant Dipper. With its abrupt turns and dips, this historic wooden roller coaster reaches speeds of 48 mph. A thrilling, stomach-clenching 75-foot drop awaits riders.

Type: Big Thrill
A minimum height of 50 is required to ride.
It costs $8 per ride if you have a Park Pass or a single ride

2. Ride the rest of the carnival rides
San Diego Coaster Company also operates twelve other rides at Belmont Park, in addition to the Giant Dipper roller coaster. Check them out and see why you’ll love them.

Beachfront train rides through Belmont Park
When the park is open, the Belmont Express train rides through it. aboard the Belmont Express. As it travels down the Midway and around the perimeter of the park, the mini-express train shoots fog into the air with a smokestack.

like this one : Little Thrill
You must be at least 36 years old to ride alone, or ride with a rider who meets the height requirement and is at least 8 years old.
With any Park Pass, it costs $5 for a single ride

In this fixed interactive ride, you can choose whichever direction the entire ride will flip in (clockwise or counterclockwise). Through the shoulder restraint buttons, you and your partner will share control of the ride. Once a certain amount of time has passed, the control switches between people. You’ll hear a loud sound when the power is switched on, so watch out!

Type: Big Thrill

The minimum height to ride alone is 52 inches. It is also possible for riders 48 to 52 years old to ride with a rider who is at least 8 years old but does not meet the minimum height requirement. The height maximum is 77.
The cost of the ride is $6 per person. Park passes are available for an additional fee
A daring, swirling, frenzied ride of thrilling mayhem, the Beach Blaster features inward-facing cars with inverted seats. The ride continuously rotates, and it also swings with irregular G-forces of up to 67 feet by traveling 120 degrees. You will keep guessing and your adrenaline will be pumping with this organised chaos.

Type: Big Thrill
A minimum height of 48 inches is required. There are no exceptions.
The cost of a single ride is $7, or a Park Pass is included
On a track similar to a roller coaster, the Octotron is a thrill ride where you spin backwards and forwards using a joystick. Dizziness is completely at your discretion because you control the ride. It doesn’t matter whether you spin constantly or not. The choice is yours. The neon lights make it glow at night. In addition to being highly rated by teens and tweens in the area, it is also affordable.

The cost for a single ride is $6 or $6 with the purchase of a Park Pass

Tilt a Whirl revolves around a wheel.
Always a kid favorite.

Type: Little Thrill
If you are less than 48, you must ride with another rider who is at least 8 years old and meets the minimum height requirement.
The cost of a single ride is $5. If you have a Park Pass, the cost is $10
Spring Ride Vertical Plunge climbs three stories before plunging back down three stories. Rides are two-minute cycles that rise and drop. You’re going to love it with the whole family.

Type: Little Thrill
In order to ride alone, one must be 42 cm high. To ride with an adult, one must be 36 cm tall and be at least 12 years old.
With any Park Pass, it costs $5 for a single ride